The Branco Peres group was founded in 1957 and, since then, it has been maintaining a strong relationship of respect and care for the land.

In the '50s, it was dedicated to the coffee commercialization supplying only the Brazilian domestic market. Shortly thereafter, as a reflection of globalization, business expanded and Branco Peres became one of the country's largest green coffee exporters.

Since then, with the company in full growth, other activities have come to complement its business mix: orange and sugarcane farming, and cattle raising.

Over the years and the consequent technologies development, Branco Peres innovated once again, turning to the industrialization of soluble and roasted coffee, concentrated orange juice, sugar and fuel alcohol, further enhancing the economic system.

For 10 years, Branco Peres Group has incorporated CMS - Companhia Matonense de Saneamento, which was originated from the Sewage Treatment Plant established in 1998, since the creation of the Water and Sewage Company of Matão, CAEMA.

The Venture elevates the welcoming, pleasant and developmental city of Matão as a reference in the requirements of quality of life and environmental preservation.

Committed not only to the business sustainability, but also of its reflexes, CMS continuously invests, aiming at the growth and development of new technologies in the sanitation sector, in search of a high standard in efficiency and quality of services.

The systematization of its processes, as of 2007 and this work validation in 2009, conferred the ISO 9001 certification. Later in 2012, a synergy among its employees for the implementation of the environmental management system integrated to the Quality management one, yielded also the ISO 14001 certificate and the achievement of the Integrated Management System - SGI.

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